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About Us

Worsley ASC, based at Worsley Leisure Centre, is a successful, not-for-profit club with a rich history and family values. Everyone who joins Worsley feels that they are part of a special community and family, where no child is left behind and all are offered the same experiences to develop, regardless of their starting point. Worsley is a superb club, whether you are coming to the end of swimming lessons and aren't ready to leave the sport, or whether you choose us as a second club to gain competition experience alongside a squad. We are proud of each and every one of our members past and present, from Olympians to casual swimmers who join us just because they love to swim. Our team of qualified coaches alongside a committee of wonderful volunteers are always there to support you and ensure all members are happy, having fun and able to achieve their goals, whatever they may be.

Our Groups


Our Starfish group is our entry group at Worsley and is equivalent to the Learn to Swim Stages 6-7. Swimmers in this group are generally aged between 6-7 years of age, but swimmers in this group can also be older if late starters to the swimming programme.

The Seahorses are equivalent to the Learn to Swim Stage 8. Swimmers in this group are generally aged between 7-8 years of age, but swimmers in this group can also be older.

Training Times

We currently train every Thursday evening from 7pm - 9pm at Worsley Leisure Centre. We will be expanding our training days and times as we move out of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thursday Evening (Worsley Leisure Centre)

  • 7.00pm - 7.40pm: Starfish, Seahorses & Nemos

  • 7.40pm - 8.20pm: Penguins, Marlins / Barracudas

  • 8.20pm - 9.00pm: Marlins / Barracudas, Sharks


Our Nemo group is the start of our Worsley ASC Training Scheme. This group is equivalent to an advanced swim academy swimmer.This is where swimmers have now developed the foundations and can swim very well, with good technique across all four strokes. This is where swimmers can now begin to develop their fitness and stamina in the pool. 

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The Worsley ASC Penguins is our group for our fast-paced fitness lovers! Swimmers in this group are generally aged over 9 years old and by this stage in our programme they are really starting to build up their aerobic engines. This session is generally equivalent to Salford level SS1. 


The Marlins are the group where we see many swimmers really start to develop into the sport. Swimmers in this group are usually aged between 11 - 13 years of age, and by this stage have usually developed a great love for swimming and have a clear idea about what they want to gain from the sport.

The Worsley Barracudas are our main group for competitive age group swimmers. This group consists of swimmers who are aged between 9 - 14 years of age, who compete in regular competitions for Worsley and other clubs. This group contains a number of swimmers who swim at county, regional and even national level through squads such as City of Salford and Manchester Aquatics.


The Worsley Sharks are our Masters group, targeted at adult swimmers and triathletes aged eighteen or over. This group of swimmers come to us from a wide range of ages and backgrounds with varying skill levels, be it beginners training for fitness, to competitive swimmers or triathletes.

Worsley ASC have been established since 1937. We are very proud of our history and can boast many world class swimmers who have originated or been members of the club - Olympic Swimmers such as Michael Rock, C. Huddart and Adrian Turner. We are proud to have many previous swimmers that have progressed to GB / National levels and beyond, and we have swimmers currently with us swimming at County, Regional and Nationals levels.

We are a competitive club taking part in the Bolton & District and Manchester & District Leagues. Our swimmers also represent a strong team entering the Bolton and District individual galas twice yearly.

We hold our annual Club Championships Gala for all our members annually traditionally held in October and those achievements are celebrated at our annual Presentation Evening held in November each year.

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Worsley ASC is a non profitable club meaning all payments from membership, weekly swim fees, fundraisers etc. are ploughed straight back into the club and its swimmers.

All coaches and volunteers in direct contact with swimmers are fully DBS checked and will have carried out Swim England approved Safeguarding and Child Protection courses. Our coaches are fully trained on delivering Equality and Diversity through their coaching of swimmers.

The club is run solely by our ever growing committee of volunteers and we always welcome new volunteers to join us within a wide variety of roles.

New members are welcome and we value any feedback or suggestions, so if you would like to contact us click on 'Contact Us' and we will get back to you ASAP!

Our History

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